Paragraph style conversion

1. Read sample text

2. Read a text file

3. Manually enter text

Select a text to read from the New tab. The words you should be reading will be highlighted darker than the rest of the text. Use the mousewheel or hotkeys to jump forward/backward in the text. You can change the speedreading options at any time by clicking the Options button.

Most people read at about 250 words per minute. I suggest starting there and gradually working up to higher speeds. If you have trouble reading at a high WPM, try increasing the Grouping, Punctuation Pause, or Paragraph Pause options.

If you find any bugs, please report them to Isaac Nygaard.


WPMThis controls the reading speed in words per minute. Internally, this is converted to a characters per minute (CPMn) reading rate. This assumes the average word length is 5.1 characters.
Punctuation PauseThis will add a pause wherever there is common punctuation (e.g. period, comma, colon). A value of one will pause for the time it would take to read one word. A value of five would equal five words. Note that the effective CPMn rate will be increased so that the target WPM rate is still met.
Paragraph PauseThis will add a pause at the start of every paragraph. Paragraphs are indicated by an indentation or two line breaks. The pause duration follows the same rules as Punctuation Pause; the CPMn rate will also be adjusted.
GroupingIndicates how many words should be grouped and shown together. Use this option to read in chunks, rather than each word individually.
Fade InHow many word groups should fade in before being read. If you have trouble tracking which words you should be reading, try setting this to zero.
Fade OutHow many word groups should fade out after being read.


SpacebarStart or Pause reading
HomeScroll to the start of the text
Page UpScroll up 25 lines
Page DownScroll down 25 lines
Up ArrowScroll up one line
Down ArrowScroll down one line
Left ArrowSubtract 10 from current WPM
Down ArrowAdd 10 to current WPM
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Punctuation Pause
Paragraph Pause
Fade In
Fade Out