Nyrix Corporation

Eggplant IDE

A web-based IDE for quickly creating websites. Currently, it is not functionaly and will probably be replaced by a less extensive "Eggplant Lite."


A lightweight JavaScript library with some nice event handling features. I haven't got around to documenting it, so you'll have to look through the source. Though, the source is fairly well documented by itself.

EggJS (download)

Direct download link for the EggJS library.

Shun's Speedreader

This is the new and improved speedreader! You'll need a modern browser for it to work.

Rubik's Cube Timer

A minimalistic Rubik's cube timer. Press and hold any key to start. Press any key to stop.

Flowchart creator

Create a chart linking different text ideas together

CG Portfolio

A mix of computer generated artwork created over the years.

Web Design Portfolio

A showcase of UI designs for websites and web apps I have created.


Online flashcard practice. I plan to rewrite this, now that service workers have decent browser support.

Nyrix Jazz

Listen to Jazz music played previously on KUER 90.1. Powered by Grooveshark.

Genealogy Coordination

Coordinate genealogy work for different parts of your family tree. Requires user login.

Choose Your Own Adventure

Just so you know, these things take a really long time to make.

Animated Film Dataset

Browse data for animated films from the past 40 years.

Pi Practice

Use this to memorize digits of pi. It can be used as a web app for mobile devices too.

Web Proxy

A really simple proxy that nobody should ever use. But, it is useful for looking at a public proxy list, if those happened to be blocked on your firewall.


An extension for Chrome. It automatically replaces offensive words on websites with something else. Configuring the extension only partially works, but everything else should be functional.